About Us

QGIS Cyprus is a newly established community. The aim of this initiative is to gather the Cypriot QGIS community of Users and Developers and spread the knowledge in QGIS, through events, meetups, hack-days, workshops and seminars. Apart from our focus on QGIS, we hope to create links with other open-source oriented groups.

“We want the community to be open, educational, and fun while encouraging transparency, inclusion and promoting the Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS).”

QGIS Cyprus aims to be a truly Open GIS Community with the following characteristics:

  • Establishing democratic structures for the establishment of its board and taking important decisions.
  • Staying transparent, i.e. dealing with membership-fees and how are spent.
  • Inform the international QGIS community, about our local activities.
  • Creating and maintaining a local Help community forum.
  • Boosting local meetups, events, seminars, and workshops.

Community purpose & Goals

  • Organization of QGIS user meetings
  • Spreading the knowledge: meetings, articles in GIS magazines, QGIS information in social media, GIS discussion boards, etc.
  • Collection of local QGIS case studies
  • Sponsoring: a local user group could collect reasonable annual membership fees (depending on the country). Collected funds could be used to pay development of certain features, to help with bug-fixing or as a donation to the international QGIS project.
  • Establishment of interest groups, e.g. surveying, urban planning, server/web client, etc.
  • Initialization/coordination of application modules, e.g. surveying, urban planning, server/web client, etc.
  • Connection with the international community (Users and Developers Groups worldwide)
  • Electing a representative to act as a QGIS Country Voting Member

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